Thursday, June 7, 2007

i have a new blog!!

it was like the fantasy of being Simran each time you watched DDLJ, or romancing richard gere or robert redford or brad pitt for that matter.......when i would read food blogs, i would wonder how it would be to have one myself.....and then i would chicken out....not laziness, not the lack of time.....simply the fear of what perceptions i would be giving out, of me as a person when people read my blog (that is if they did read it in the first place)

anyways, i thought i would give it a shot......if it only served as a journal of what was cooking in my kitchen.....i mean the internet does give you the fantastic cloak of anonymity ...... if you want it that is..... so yesterday, after battling with the computer for a few hours, writing and rewriting the posts, agonising over which pictures to choose, i finally published my brand new food blog called Escapades

Escapades hopefully will help me chronicle my love for food....and the explorations and experiments that i have with it.....

for my initial post i just added the recipes that i had written down while learning their unique style of cooking from my MIL, and then added some of my own......with this blog i hope my cooking will get more inventive and innovative...that K will be subjected to more variety than i have been dishing up till now!! husbands, they are such default guinea pigs!!

So that was the excitement that dominated my last couple of days......much to the chagrin of an irritated K....i kept dashing off to the computer every spare minute!! The monsoons have arrived in Hyd...yesterday there were strong winds that deposited dust everywhere they usual the power went off for several hours (thank god for generators).....and worst of all, a window pane was blown to smithereens in one of our bedrooms.....when i heard the crash, i was on the phone with a friend and told her "oh oh someone's windowpane seems to have broken to bits" as an afterthought, i ventured around the house to check.....(while still being on the phone).....only to realise that the joke was on up, least of all shards of broken glass isn't the nicest thing to do....thats what wound up my day the painful task of getting it replaced....

since quitting work, many things have i dont wear a watch anymore, and have no idea of days and dates....(have missed a few b'days becasue of this) ....but a growling tummy always tells you taht its way past breakfast time and as a self respecting foodblogger i cannot serve / eat stale bread!! gotto go!!

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