Thursday, December 14, 2006

I've been at it!!

yesterday was like a want to do it, look forward to it and something holds you back....yet when you finally embark on it, it seems was like that with my chocolate making class....i have hounded the lady that conducts these classes for the better part of 2 months and finally made it was fun and all the imaginations of rocket science went where they belonged....out the window!!

today in a frenzy i accompanied K on his way to work.....dropped off at the wholesale market and armed with my shopping list, bought myself an awesome load of choco making supplies.......moulds, raw material, packing material and the works!! walked a little down the lane and in pure greed bought a tonne of christmas decoration ......i can do up two trees with what i have now!! got back home and surveyed the damages....there was this eagerness mixed with trepidation...what if i make a mess.....what if i set the chocolate on fire? what if i just totally flop? should i wait for K to get back home for moral support till i begin to finally do what i have been fantasising about?? all these questions going through my head and i had to admit i was dying to try it i spread some old newspaper on the kitchen counter top......set up my supplies and begin.....i'll tell you that it was very scary to begin.....once i got the hang of what i was all happened very quickly....i made some marbled shell chocolates, plain mounds and one set with nuts.......i was very happy with the results but had some leftover melted added about 3/4 cup maida, 1/3 cup cooking oil, sugar, baking pwd and whipped it up and set it in a muffin tray.....voila......lovely cupcakes.....i havent been this pleased with myself in a few weeks now!! i'm so i type this out, am waiting for K to come and pronounce his verdict.....!!


aaaalu said...

I am dying to know what the verdict is!


Arundati Rao said...

dear adi....k has only one thing to say to me these days regardless of what i am rustling up in the kitchen the entire day....'do this on a larger scale.....make money so i can stop working crappy jobs!!' btw the verdict on the cupcakes....."this is seriously good...did you really make them??"