Wednesday, December 20, 2006

the bestest compliment in a long time!!

yay!! the best thing that anyone can tell a woman who has been wanting to lose weight "have you joined a slimming centre? cos you have lost so much weight!!"!!

(the process begins in your mind) i have spent months....calculating how much weight i would have lost by the present day if i had started a routine or worked on a plan since a day that has gone by...usually its a few weeks.......i have been imagining, calculating, planning, praying and begging in my mind but have'nt done what i really need to .....workout and control the intake of food.....cut to last week....i came back from bangalore after stuffing myself as i usually do when i am there and at my mom's place.....i have begun to face the perils of having my weight affect my health now and have had a nasty ache in my knees for a few months......its shocking!! the image that you have of yourself and what you really are.......there was a time when i had to buy clothes in the childrens section as i couldnt find my size in the adults....that was almost a decade ago.....but the rapidity with which the weight hits you when you are looked at and the shop guy reccomends an XL!! when people refer to you as "that plump girl" it shatters the best of us.....and so it happened to me......i know i am not a reed....but i hadnt realised that i was more than plump.......

so for the last 10 days, i have stopped obsessing about food....i am not cooking much to avoid helps that K also is sick of my food supply!! and i have decided that atleast one meal of the day will comprise of idlies!! and the loathsomely lazy me has begun a 20 mintute brisk walk routine every evening!! the results are very satisfying......

saturday evening we went to a party and a very lovely compliment was paid to yours truly.....the weighing scale says 4 kgs...but i am unwilling to celebrate just yet....i shall not rest until i reach my targetted weight....and with all the christmas decorating that i have been knee pain has reduced a little...way to go girl!!

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