Sunday, October 8, 2006

food blogging

mind over matter or is it the matter of the mind?? i have been obsessing over food blogs for the last few weeks ever since i discovered them....(why am i always the last one to know these things??)

it seems like many people have met with unexpected b ut well deserved success at this....lovely....soon food blogs will replace recipe books will they??

i liked quite a few....they seem to have this online party amongst them....makes me want to try my hand at this as well......i have been cooking regularly with various degrees of success for the last few years...especially after the marital knot was tied......i enjoy it and have tried to do it with an incurably chronic food nag.....k will vouch for surprised that plates of food havent been flung at my face thus far while i have been indulging in the act....of nagging that time compliments dont mean a thing to me....i am a firm believer of pavlov's has to be reinforced like a barricade, or super strong glue!! ask k.....he will tell you and how!!

but like everything else that i do, i tread with caution...thats cos i can't handle failure very well i guess...i like to be successfull every time....i cant accept the fact that i cant do something perfectly in the first attempt.....i am my worst i dont try radical stuff....things that may turn out far so good i guess....i've barely had a disaster apart from the brick that was meant to be a cake......charred veggies that didnt know what they were before they got into the pan........

am off now to seek some more food blogging inspiration.....

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Nandita said...

Got here through Spicyana, and your comment on food bloggers made me smile...when i started a food blog some 6 months ago, I didnt know there were so many other food freaks like me in the blogosphere and then I realised there's atleast 10 of them coming up each aren't too late, imagine what a fun thing we'll be leaving behind for our posterity?? If google doesnt decide to flush it down the e-drain that is :)