Wednesday, October 18, 2006

home in focus....

today is day 5 of official home making....since i quit my full time job ....i have been revelling in the fact that i dont have to live by the an unexpected turn of mind and body have settled rather quickly into a routine that i have never had before....i have begun waking at seven a.m without the aid of the mobile alarm!! have one slightly berserk in doing a few things that i have been almost fantasising was to finally finish sewing my sheer curtains...the material was a year and a half old...bought on a trip to chennai....languishing in the cupboard....cut and not was like a taunt each time i opened the cupboard door....i finally finished sewing them and hung them up....boy oh boy!!

another set for my bedroom and many compliments from the husband later, i decided to put the considerable fabric trimmings to good use, attached a bit of silver lace, and voila!! had a new set of lovely cushion covers for my settee....left me thrilled and wondering what life was i living before this??

have been cooking up a storm.....lately the husband has been complaining that i seek the company of the kitchen more than him!! tried a banan walnut muffin minus the walnut...not bad....also dahi vada's for sunday evening snack.....big hit....

gotto finish some knitting i promised mom as my contribution to a project she's the famous Mc D's line goes.....I'm lovin it

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