Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the year of gratefulness and its only the end of august

i began this year with a lot of misgivings. i was so glad to see the past year end. i was so sick that its not even funny. and i lost my funny bone some would say. all i gained is weight and grey hair!

but this year has not disappointed me. it has overwhelmed me with the love of my most precious and gifts in kind. i got most of the things i've been hankering after this year. a makeover for the house, a car and now a pup. they continue. today my brother gave me the latest phone for no reason. he just got one for me and sent it thru a colleague. i am blessed. and grateful. and as of now... my cup overfloweth. 

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Rozhmaizite said...

you are right, gratefulness is sometimes forgot. Often we appriciate things, but not people, health, but not being alive :) thanks for sharing!