Tuesday, August 23, 2011

how long will this last?

i havent looked in the mirror for a week now. which means counting the grey hairs at my temple has not happened. i have also not looked and found fine lines (which advertisements for anti ageing creams have shown me where to find) on my forehead. 

Sage has decided to give me a refresher of an education in living i think. I had forgotten that the pooch wont mind what you are wearing or if you havent waxed and threaded in 3 months, or that you wore your holey pyjamas or what you smell like at the end of a long day. 

he follows me around like mary's little lamb the whole day. am trying to banish him from the kitchen when i'm cooking as i dont want a beggar dog, but he's currently taken to lounging under the kitchen sink till i am done. something tells me he will spend his summer afternoons there as well. the bathroom door mat becomes his bed when i go in for a bath and he's overjoyed to see me emerge after my 3 minute bath like i went to war for a few months. i wonder if he's trailing me only because i am "meals on wheels" for him?

I am trying to potty train him, in an apartment, its been my greatest challenge. he's teaching me once again that there's more to being a dog lover than cuddles and play time. that it takes patience and stamina all at once. 

i am ok with everything till now....but i wonder when i will begin to go back to looking for grey hair in the mirror.

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shilpa said...

welcome to the club!

*wiggles her kroor singh eyebrows and offers her unwaxed hand to shake*