Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the week that went by....

am going to try a less verbose style of writing... its very popular in blogging ;p

*      back from a 5 day business trip to cochin
*      never seen so many doctors at one place
*      i know now for a fact that doctors love "free bags" any shape, size and colour :D
*      even the greatest companies in the world are no greater than the people they employ
*      the quality of your work is a direct result of the quality of you

*      the most tiring work is made good with the satisfaction of a job well done...and the company of K!!
*      god's own country.... i just wish you had children who treated you better.....
*      explored jew town... was amazing how my perspective changes each time i visit....
*      was sad to see the synagogue...slowly getting engulfed by the "indian emporiums"
*      bought the freshest spices ever
*      had the loveliest time at a charming place called Old Harbour Hotel...am so glad we wound up our trip with  a dinner here.... am in love with fort kochi again
*      no matter how much you love to travel, how fabulous the place, how important and successful the work...you missed your home, as much as she missed you......

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