Wednesday, December 2, 2009

vodafone sucks.....not happy to help

it breaks my heart to say this to a place that gave me much in life.... a place i worked in with heart and soul.... today i called up the vodafone call centre with a sim card registration failed problem....and far from being able to help me (they just told me to visit the store) the fucking assholes.... 3 of them, sri lakshmi, ramesh and some other woman calling herself the floor supervisor, had the attitude of the king of persia.... so rude and unhelpful that it wasn't funny.....and when i said i do not appreciate being spoken to rudely...the SOB ramesh actually tells me, he is speaking that way because i said what he had just spoken (it was so garbled, i only made out he'd stopped speaking) wasnt clear. the moron obviously didnt know the difference between screeching and speaking clearly.... the call was then escalated on my request to the equally arrogant, incompetent beyond words..... after not listening to me, interrupting my every sentence because i asked her to give me some indication of listening to me, neither my technical complaint or the dissatisfaction of the way the earlier two executives spoke to me Swapna Priya (the supervisor) repeated the same story that they had already tried the basic trouble shooting and that this wasnt a problem that could be solved from their end and that i would have to visit the vodafone store to have my sim card replaced. this is after i told her it would be inconvenient for me to visit a store as the nearest one was 40 kms away from where i was currently located. She reiterated that they could not help me so with no choice, i hung up.

the point is this, every provider of telephone services, will have to have executives who are trained in the basics of the most popular handset models. they need to be familiar with the menu options and how to guide a customer to get there. the phone i use is a very popular nokia n 70 whose menu details are easily available all over the internet and everyone knows that nokia is a handset which has the easiest and most user friendly menu trees. yet these three people, only read from the steps in their standard operating procedure and went no further. the moment i said that i cant see the options they mentioned (cos they were directing me from a sub menu and not the main menu) they asked me to go to the vodafone store, not caring for the inconvenience that would be caused, even after mentioning that it would be too far, and could they try some other options.... no.... i drew a complete i hung up in despair.....

i then did some exploring on my own, and managed to fix the problem.

i called to speak to the same floor supervisor.... to tell her what i'd done, so the pig head could help another customer facing the same issues....  she very conveniently had "gone for breakfast and would return after 1 hr" pray i want to be reemployed by vodafone which gives its employees a one hour breakfast break... so that meant that lunch would be 2 hrs? i was then put onto another floor supervisor/ team leader called charan lal, who after much hemming and hawing said that the call centre manager would be available only after 2 pm. (i cant understand how a business works this way). so i requested for a call back which has been promised before 3 pm.

and oh!! how did i resolve my own issue?? i did what we do most of the times.... switch off the phone, remove the battery and sim card.... put them both back in and switched it back on.... it worked.....

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