Friday, November 7, 2008

more magazine gyan~~

ok when i first tried out all this stuff, i imagined my mom rolling her eyes and saying "hmmphh when i tell you its rubbish...but if it comes from a magazine its the gospel".... yeah right... i needed them to validate it!!

but over the past year now... i have really really made drastic changes in the way i treat my hair and skin.....hitting 30 does that to you!! suddenly you count all the strands that wash up in the drain!! and notice that you look so sallow, its hard to believe you ever won a prize in college for having flawless skin!! yes.... now i have skin issues too.....hence the conscious effort to use natural products minus the chemicals....and do some simple stuff which isnt a chore... but can be incorporated into your regular routine with less fuss.....and i have seen some very good results...especially my hair.

Hair and Skin
  • it is not a smart thing to not oil your hair for 15 yrs.... it makes your hair like coir!! oiling it before a shampoo is a good idea... its a great idea...just plain coconut oil....squirted straight onto the scalp....and worked into a light 60 second massage with your finger tips.
  • warm equal quantities of honey and olive oil, massage into your scalp... let dry... it feels hard and sticky when dry (but obviously), shampoo after an hour.... touch and feel your silken strands!! awesome!!
  • commercial shampoos have far too much detergent than we have the courage to acknowledge in them to give that lather they advertise.... dilute it with water by 1/2. notice that it washes as well, and doesnt dry hair as much. this works for all shampoos - mild/ herbal/ for silky hair/ dark hair / curly hair and everything else....
  • despite what we may think... it is necessary to trim hair every 8 weeks... 10 weeks at the very least... keeps it well groomed and tidy.
  • coconut oil: you may not like the smell.... but its the best before bath body lotion.... slap it on for a few minutes before your bath and use a mild soap like pears /!! your skin feels like velvet
  • vaseline is the best for dry chapped skin... to feel less icky, use it at bedtime on your hands, feet, elbows and lips....throw out all those overpriced body lotions...they last just a couple of hours
  • after years and years of using commercial cosmetics and body washes and lotions and potions....i ate humble pie and got back to the kitchen shelf.... it has been awesome so far....
  • equal quantities of rice flour and chick pea flour (besan), some oatmeal and a little granulated sugar mixed with milk / rose water / plain water is THE best body scrub you can have.... mix the dry ingredients and put it all into a container and store it in the bathroom for easy access. 
  • Plain honey on your face is a good thing. spread it with your fingers all over your face. keep it on for 10 mins before washing off. it is very hydrating.
  • out in the sun and have a tan you want to get rid off? whizz 1/2 tomato with 2 T curd, the sourer the better. apply on your face and wait till dry and wash off... the tan washes right off. ask me!! i never use sunscreen... not because i practice reverse snobbery but i never i resort to this.
  • i find extracting cucumber juice painful, i just whizz a couple of slices with a little yoghurt and put it as a facepack to take off tan. its a great cleanser too..... i think mixing some oatmeal will work too.
  • mashed papaya for your face washed off after 10 mins is like a miracle worker.... use it as often as ye shall want lovely skin!!
  • oh yes... inspired by a certain friend, i decided on a one soap always policy .... and switched to pears... will keep you posted on the changes....
i didnt expect the comments (albeit my friends!!) on my post on magazine gyan part one.... i edited this part from it since i thought it was an overload!! so here it is!! do let me know what worked for you!!


Raaga said...

I actually inspired you to switch to my beloved soap? wow... nice tips :-)

Plan to try some tips from your first post ... like the shampoo as an anti foging tool. It doesn't fog up even when you take a hot shower in winter? Good use for the unused 2 litre bottle (:-)) of Fructis!!

Rupa said...

Hey Anu,

I can't explain how relevant and useful this post is to I will be reaching 30 in a few will be great to start early...and off late I noticed that those lotions/potions advertised don't live up to expectations...and I burnt quite a hole in my pocket in the process...some of them are ridiculously expensive and I waited in vain to see the effects they promised...especially body moisturizers. So gonna buy Vaseline soon :) now that I know


Always A said...

Raaga: yes...even in a hot shower run for 20 mins it doesnt fog up...prevents all those lousy grime patches too....

rupa: vaseline gives you skin as soft as a baby's me!!