Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend update

What's a weekend spent with someone you love?? Just as I was beginning to forget….i discovered it all over again….K has been working his b@## off since the beginning of the year and it was beginning to get to me…..since I am not slave to the clock or calendar anymore, I would usually know that the weekend was around the corner because he would relax and we'd look forward to our time together….doing stuff or simply having a quiet weekend together….two days became one…and then none when he began working through the weekend….i try my best to be supportive, because normally I am not whiney…. And the last thing he needs when he's been working this way is to come home to a nagging wife…. But what I cant get over is the missing….i love being around him and I hope he does too….just his presence around me makes me less edgy and a lot happier….i seriously …. No matter what I am doing….look forward to the time of day when we get back home…. So all this being said and done….our weekends hit serious roadblocks…. the day we got back from our holiday….he went back to the grindstone…. If you spend time long enough or are interested at all to look at my profile you will see that I describe myself as a self confessed homebody…. But what's a home like without the person you want to share it with??

The past week has been less than exciting….imagine the magic of Maldives becoming just a fabulous memory….but the tan you picked up a serious reality….and no amount of time spent looking at the pictures is going to take that away….i've spent more time than I like with myself….the internet…once a faithful companion…was irritating me…and I spent an abnormal amount of time watching tv..( I am not a tv person)…it fails to amuse me… lightened me up a little….it always does…. My plants are recovering and its making sitting on the balcony less painful….domestic chores were beginning to give me an ulcer…..

K like a knight in shining armour rescued me….. he'd been noticing how I felt….and on Saturday night declared he wasn't going to work the next day….oh what joy!! Infact the happiness began on Saturday itself…. He was scheduled for a meeting at 8.30…I fed him dinner and when he left home I went to a neighbours to teach her to bake a cake she'd requested….and in ten minutes he was back…saying he excused himself!! I was over the moon….Sunday morning we rose earlier than a weekday because I'd planned on going to church….i'm precariously at the risk of becoming a festive Christian (ie; attending church only on festival days!!)….K decided he'd come too….and have a shave (his favourite barber, who is across the road from church and breakfast at Taj is his attraction to drive me to church on Sundays!!)…so off we went…I met all the people I wanted to after service and accompanied by a friend we had breakfast…. No no….not the Taj group of luxury hotels but the homely Udipi hotel, heritage site and landmark of hyderabad Taj Mahal Hotel in Abids….dropped in to see a friend's mum who gave me some of the prettiest pansies from her garden for my vase….. I cooked lunch…none of which remained ….so I couldn't even take pictures…K said it was the best lunch in a long time….i'd kind of become predictable….we had a friend over for lunch….we sat a talked and talked some more…well into sunset, over cups of steaming hot chai….and laughed and mock fought!! When the evening came to a close…I realized what a precious gift K gave me….his presence has energized me for the week ahead….!! Cheers and here's to many more weekends like this one….. love surely makes the world go round!!

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i loved ur blog.. i like to read others thoughts..der's a lot to read in ur blog... wow!!
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