Saturday, January 4, 2014

Forgive and Forget?

This morning, as I was chatting with my bestie, we talked about some common people. I remarked about how a certain someone, who caused untold destruction and loss or was like the catalyst of a mess, had dedicated a song on self belief and strength to K and me as a new year's wish. I spoke about the gall of the person and how shallow that gesture was.

She told me to forget it and forgive him. I said well I have forgiven, but I would be a fool to forget and I most definitely will never ever give this person the benefit of doubt. That is my lesson, and they will only serve to insulate me. Just as I continue to work with people who I have bad experiences with, after negotiating new terms and conditions of engagement, this too shall be dealt with fairness but not with blind trust.

It is amazing how people forget the favours they have received and after a point start demanding an entitlement of sorts. Well, no more free lunches! 

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