Monday, November 5, 2012

in the next gear

its been a good five months that i began a fitness regimen. it started with going to a gym which you may recall i wrote about here... and being more conscious about what i eat and just being regular with exercise.

the first month, my mother was here... i was eating enough for two including rice at two meals, ghee and a lot of rubbish. amazingly, inches peeled off. i lost enough in that first month to keep me motivated and for people to take notice. I was happy.

Alas that wasnt enough! five months down, am at the same place. yes, people i meet still comment that i have lost weight or slimmed down as they put it... but i dont feel like the five months have borne fruit.

to be fair, i have had a bum knee... some stiffness which made me take a 15 day break and go back to a less intense routine. so there is no more jumping and skipping but a lot of core strength building exercises. and so with the workouts being less intense and the changed time, i have not been as enthused as i was earlier.

for one, the changed timing is just messing my entire day's schedule. i cant eat before the gym, and by the time i am done, am so famished, it takes me an hour to recover. I havent been sleeping enough. no day do i sleep more than 5.5 hours... which is simply not enough.... am writing a food diary and i am so conscious of every morsel of food now... that has'nt really helped.

did the assessment today at the gym. marginally lost a kilo and less than an inch on my waist.

this is simply not enough for me. I need to see better progress. I need better RoI for me to stay focussed and committed. I had a pow wow  with my trainer on this. I gave him (and myself) an ultimatum of 8 weeks, the end of this year...

i want to have visible changes in my appearance, of the good kinds...

so today we kickstarted an intense regimen and a very very strict diet plan which is similar to the paleo. no grains, flour or sugar of any kind, no milk, restricted dairy. carbs from vegetables lots of protein. the diet... is scary... but at this point, its the only thing that i think will work.

cheer me on... 8 weeks is all i have!

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