Tuesday, January 31, 2012

almost perfect

So K went off to his cousin's wedding on Kolkatta. i am not admitting to any arm twisting here... he hates that city and the smells and the food not particularly in that order. So some (not) irritation was expected.. what i didnt expect, was the day he came back on tuesday, as he left for work, he told me he would be back early and take me out shopping.... now if like me you have known K half your life, you will know not to take him too seriously... at 7.30 pm he calls to say he was on his way and that i should meet him downstairs....

we went to a mall, he shopped for a few things himself... then patiently (then impatiently) walked with me and my shopping cart as i did the grocery shopping... even spotting the right aisles and bringing me packets of stuff asking if it was the right one... when he got tired of this game, he went off to stock the bar....there was a serpentine queue for the billing and he picked up a pack of sunflower seeds to munch while he sat on the floor... yes, he sits on the floor... like a tantrum throwing child...only he isnt throwing a tantrum, but just comments on everything around him... he is quite hilarious... except for the time when he told me i am looking old and that age is showing on me... then i wanted to ambush him with my loaded shopping trolley.

We then headed to the basement parking lot to load the car. At that point, K asked me about dinner... i said whatever...( had not so secretly eaten a dosa at home)...he said to me... not so much to eat, but we're out and i want to spend time with you... sit and talk.....my heart skipped a beat...We traipsed to our (current) favourite newscafe and ordered drinks and a salad... spent an hour and a half talking, laughing, i think i held his hand a couple of times...  like the young lovers we once were.... we had such a good time... just being together... i apologised for sending him to kolkata, i know he doesn't like that place... he told me not to think about it again... 

why am i calling such an evening almost perfect? because reality hit us as soon as we reached home... Sage messed our bed up and even peed on it... he's never done that in the 6 months that we've had him... i was tired... but i had to change the sheets and turn the bed over... i still wouldnt change anything of that evening

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