Monday, March 7, 2011

this and that

  • today's post will be in bullet points!
  • have spent a little more than a week in my new home office and i love it
  • its pretty, functional and is keeping me motivated to finish my work
  • i feel like getting in touch with friends from the past who are no longer an active part of my life
  • i know they (friends) arent in the present for certain reasons, but sometimes i just miss them
  • am wondering if i should cut my hair really short
  • its a few inches above my waist, but i wonder if i can chop it off till above my ears
  • i went shopping today after a client meeting
  • it was for my entertainment, i spent 4k in the bargain and am feeling very guilty about the needless expense
  • all of that was spent on stuff for the house...this makes me less guilty than before
  • i miss my mom
  • yet i had the most random of phone conversations with her just now!
  • i also miss my talking about him a lot more now than ever before
  • i met a friend from college on the weekend...was happy 
  • i am hoping to be more gracious about the heat throughout summer

1 comment:

Rupa said...

I had the 'chopping hair short' thoughts today morning ....and am blaming it on the heat in Hyderabad