Monday, July 26, 2010

pathetic state of roads in hyderabad

its been a wet wet weekend....the slush outside the apartment has reached mamoth proportions and the state of the roads in Hyderabad is really to be seen to be believed. the apathy and the sheer callousness of an administration that simply doesnt give a damn for the people is something that left me with a mouth wide open in shock. i cant think of a single road today that is devoid of a ditch with tar and rubble coming out of it due to the substandard quality of the roadwork to begin with. last evening, we drove from kondapur to begumpet, no more than 500 metres, that too on the erstwhile CM's camp office stretch was the only patch that was smooth and ditch free. Even the flyover in front of nagarjuna hills, which takes you over the punjagutta crossroads (the same one that collapsed and killed a few people a couple of years earlier) is full of portholes. Can you imagine ditches on a flyover?

While the state administration and the Municipal Commissioner are busy attending page 3 parties, the whole network of roads in hyderabad is rapidly beginning to resemble the craters of the moon. Only in this case, we dont admire its beauty from afar. At certain points, like behind shopper's stop in begumpet, when you drive, you wonder if it is supposed to be a city road, or some cross country ditch rally. 

imagine if this is the state of affairs in the cities, in the hitech part of the state, what is the state of affairs in the towns and villages, the people who actually vote and elect these people. I cant help but think of the kind of civic upkeep that happened during chandra babu naidu's time. it was very common for out of state visitors to immediately remark about the fabulous roads we had. that was the first impression people got of this place....i couldnt help thinking how callous this congress government is.....i recall a similar state of affairs each time the congress has been in power. naidu on his part, has proved to be one of the most ineffective opposition leaders of all time. 

After the death of ysr, its like things are chugging along in status-quo the roads went from great to good and towards the end of his life, bad...and after he died and the turmoil in the state politics took over, its gone from bad to really was common to see heaps of uncleared rubbish spilling over from bins.....cops being absent where traffic regulation was essential, and only seen challaning people, traffic sense has gone from bad to really unbearable with no fear of the administration or any sense of discipline...and this state of affairs seems to be the last nail in the coffin.

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