Saturday, March 6, 2010

weekend this and that

the weekend has started and i wasnt a very cheerful woman this morning. I got all worked up about something regarding work and i usually try not to take things personally, especially when dealing with clients. I almost failed this morning (i took it very personally). and that really irritated me. For not being able to seperate work and all that. if you are passionate about what you do, does it become difficult to stay detached? such questions crowded my head and threatened to take over my mood.... thankfully some comfort, wise counsel and i was back on track... a lovely lunch with amma, talked instead of napped and then when i  finally fell asleep i  slept like a baby, despite the neighbour practicing his (very bad) drumming and the dogs barking nonstop!! what is the power of sound sleep? that when it does come to you, it wipes out all thoughts... good and bad...and for the first 10 minutes after waking up, gives you a clean slate and a blank mind to focus on things that are more important?

am hoping to catch a movie on tv for the rest of this evening and rustle up some (more) comfort food.... today i shall indulge.... for tomorrow i may die (t) 

how are you spending your weekend? doing something fun?

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