Tuesday, August 12, 2008


its been a full house...mom, brother, SIL and niece were here for 5 days.....i didnt realise my house needed a fragile warning till i readied it for a 19 month old hyperactive child....cloaks over k's precious book collection.....breakable stuff put away (which meant most of the stuff i own) and being alert 24/7!! she of course had a ball....i think kids know exactly when they have you by the b@!!$ .....i see a glint in the eyes...the glint of success....she's adorable...and quite a handful...and i am glad i need to play doting aunt only once in a while!!

in an affirmation of my want to be more earth friendly, i have myself a new home composting apparatus....i am very excited about it....and i just hope to keep the maggots out!! it will be really bad for my marriage!!

i've also been loving and hating the rains.....it poured here for 5 days non stop....the place next to ours which was getting readied for construction, now looks like a monstrous...but very filthy swimming pool.....and much as i love the romance of the garam chai and spiced cookies on the balcony bit, i have to deal with water logged plants, damp clothes and mustiness in the house.....am not complaining.....but i hate damp clothes...i am just grateful i am not in them!!

but the biggest happening has been that i have chopped off my tresses.....it has given me much grief.....falling at such an alarming rate that i envisioned myself with a bald pate....much as i loved my long hair....the longest i have had it ever.....till my waist....i chopped it off till my shoulders....which is about 8 inches....i haven't yet gotten over the shock of seeing a different looking me when i brush my teeth in the morning......i tell myself...its hair...it will grow back....but i cant seem to not miss it!! ridiculous?? i dont know....

i am currently terrified of agreeing to do the food for a child's b'day party.....half of me wants to give it a shot...the other half wants to run and hide.... the next week will tell me whether it was worth it....as for now...there's no turning back!!

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Aparna said...

No wonder I haven't been seeing you. You've been busy.
Kids and artistically decorated (why even neat)houses don't go together. And my husband decided on off-white A variation on his favourite white) cushion covers for the living room when Akshaya was a kid!
I learnt my lesson the hard way, now they're black!!
Why the sudden makeover? I'm planning something similar myself.:)