Sunday, May 11, 2008

role reversal??

amma's left me!! gone back to the time i could say jack robinson and hyperventilate, she landed back in the arms of the adoring granddaughter she so sorely missed....that is one point i can never score!! yeah there were times when i contemplated putting fevikwik in her lip balm....but i reckon i will be walking down that road i resisted!!

we cooked together, lunches weren't solitary gulping of food events, but actual set the table and sit down to a meal type of things (my weighing scale shows me how much i have "gained" from this exercise), talked and talked some more, shopped, laughed and more importantly drove each other round the bend and back!! i got more driving practice than i ever thought i would...even gaining infamy of "never being at home" from jealous relatives!!

i try and do as many things that i can with her, because i know time is at a premium, that soon she will be packing her bags to zoom off!!.....and with this visit of hers being the shortest, i had too many things to get done....

anyways....when her return tickets were booked, i realised there were many things that didnt happen....i made a list and tried to cook up a storm at every meal....sometimes celebrating success.....and lapping up the praise....sometimes eating leftovers for the next two meals....only a mother can make you feel like queen victoria and cleopatra rolled into one!! my mother is no less or more...she's appreciative and encouraging of all that i do...celebrates successes and comforts at failures.....and is a very willing guinea pig for all my experiments!!

i wanted to send her with stuff that would remind her of me with every cheese crackers, brownies, cookies, chocolates....all were whipped up to be packed into her cases.....and the greatest compliment a mother can give...she told me all teary eyed and all (oh we are all quite a melodramatic family!!) that "usually daughters are sent from the mother's house with goodies...and look at me" ............. take a bow ma!! i enjoyed this role you too!! happy mother's day

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