Sunday, April 13, 2008

nails on the wall, shopping and shamshabad!!

this is surely becoming a weekly dear diary!! but i guess its better this way....which means i am having lesser gripes and dont need to vent that much!! that cant be bad can it??

a whirlwind of a week actually.... i'm happiest i think that i have finally said adieu to bare walls!! yep!! after almost three and a half years, and countless to do lists....and (half hearted) begging for carpenters....i finally nailed the damn thing!! ofcourse the carpenter made me melt my brians while i waited for him to arrive on the scene in the first place!! his "abbi aaroon" in typical hyderabadi made me want to chew iron....but i swallowed my pride and anger at the prospect of going another few years with bare though i heard his kids screaming around him, an hour past the time he was supposed to arrive, and when he claimed he was in the market buying the "material" (which was some screws!! am not kidding!! basic screws) i grit my teeth and said, "theek hai jaldi aa jao bhai".....two hours later than scheduled...the drilling and nailing did begin......i went berserk....and he went berserk too....couldnt believe this looney woman was getting about 50 nails onto the walls!! i now have more bare nails than walls!! i have yet to decide what goes where and all that...but suffice to say that for a couple of days, each time i unlocked the door and walked felt like someone else's house!!

a couple of afternoons spent shopping for K's freind.... and i realized that men aren't all that different like they claim to be from women... they too agonise over colours and shades and fits for chrissake!! S very graciously though indulged in me and bought me some pretty gifts that i picked out.....check their website out...i picked out a spoon / cutlery holder, some dishes and some awesome terracota coasters!! what's to complain when a gracious man wants to buy you gifts for the pleasure of shopping with someone else's money!! dinner was a farewell of sorts and we headed to my favourite eating joint....i was a little apprehensive, cos we were a motley crew...but the food was truly well appreciated!! i couldnt care less though...i will drag any carcas....willing or unwilling to this place!! leftover shopping was done the next day.....and then S, R and i went to my favourite watering hole for the Retro night!! when you begin to sing along on with what is called 'retro' music, you realise how old you have gotten!!

yesterday K and i took about 45 mins to reach Shamshabad (my mom was arriving from bangalore) ...the swanky new international airport in hyderabad.....contrary to many horrifying reports of traffic jams and chaos and confusion at the airport, we got there in record time.....stopping more than a couple of time for instructions....yeah one part of the road really sucks...but as you drive into the airport, your heart swells with pride for what has been made.....its a massive structure....still unfinished....i think theres at least 30% more work to be done and the landscaping in this scorching summer is going to be a challenge....but it is huge!! and sprawling!! and swank!! love the self metred parking tickets...which at 70 bucks is cheaper than begumpet!! amma's flight was delayed thrice and we panicked when we saw hoards of Kingfisher passengers come announcement that the flight had landed and still no signs of her!! she's got partial vision...and hates being treated like an the brave heart ( i call her jhansi ki rani) is a prime candidate for confusion in the new airport.....we sent a battalion of four luggage handlers of kingfisher to search for her...had a few anxious moments when one chap came out and said there was no one with her name inside!! and then a few minutes later someone came to say she was waiting for baggage claim....another few minutes later, she walked out, escorted by one person from the airline.....we chatted on the way back home....and haven't stopped....we stop only to swallow our food!!

so there will be more tales of our combined escapades here!! and i will spend lesser time online!!

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