Wednesday, April 30, 2008

random this and that

its the middle of the week i think...i have no calendar at home and need to keep flicking at my phone to tell the date and time (when not wearing a watch)......i wonder why?? because i loathe the free calendars that we would have with big numbers and M/s shantaram and sons (or any other name of a comapny) written in the biggest print on the walls of my home....those were the memories calendars bring to i dont have them on the wall....and anyways, with the phone and the computer having them as options, who needs the big ugly ones anyways....trouble is when i dont have the phone and comp handy.....and there are quite some times i am in this situation....especially since i quit working....

choco classes have come to a stand still because of the heat....which is enough to melt my brains...or have i mentioned that already??

i think i am in denial of being a net addict....i wake up and sip coffee at the computer...and spend most part of the waking day (and night) here.....i get pissed when i am called an addict..... and i get pissed when i cant spend as much time as i want here in front of the computer....i am beginning to speak lesser and lesser....gosh!! i think i am getting worse!!

i have hardly cooked this week....well you cant blame me can you...firstly, i have amma dying to be lady of the i am letting her play (that it suits me fine is another thing) and this heat.....its driving me insane....did you check out how many times i have mentioned it already?? there are times in the day when i think if i breathe any quicker i will getting into the kitchen is like not an enjoyable thing for me.....despite the chimney...that claims to suck out miserably fails to suck the heat from the sun.....another whiner of a reason is that with amma here i have become so lax...with time and everything else...i know if i dont put food on the table, she will!!

actually i think i need to bring about some change....i need to stop snoozing my alarm clock and wake up at a decent hour...........somehow things look better earlier in the day!! alright...its a deal signing off....and hopefully i will rise to shine tomorrow....

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