Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Weekend update................

While I am very happy with the way blogosphere has enriched my life, so many people, so many facets of their personality, so much camaraderie and the sheer joy of realizing that it can be fun to be a voyeur….. I am also pretty confused with the way its taking the joy out of the act in the first place….hit counters, stat analysis, visitor maps, blogrolls, unique visitors……… yesterday I got caught up in this maze….. on one of my daily trawlings yesterday I chanced upon some tool that could be added to the html code to track and trace the number of hits and give you a ranking….intrigued and interested I went to the site, registered, explored and then couldn’t add the code…..spent more time trying to figure out how to do it….. I am technologically challenged and need the most user friendly stuff available….this didn’t work for me….then I wondered why I was bothered at all…..this is my personal blog and if people chanced upon and read it great, if not it still serves the purpose I began this for…..so I logged out and rested well!!

It has been a fabulous week for me…..i came back from Bangalore, began my chocolate making classes in Secunderabad as well, it was a good start. Ended up spending 3 days at D’s place. I was a little selfish I must admit…….the lure of free food, that too cooked by someone else waiting on you hand and foot is simply irresistible…..for the most part, K and I live a good life, our home, our work, our passions and the lovely times we spend together….every once in a while I wonder if we are cutting ourselves out of the social world…..we like spending time with each other…this I am thankful for….approaching 4 yrs of married life we still haven’t felt the need to murder each other is a reason to celebrate…..but I love going out and meeting friends……given that Hyderabad traffic is a nightmare, we don’t brave it very often and have friends over at our place to compensate…..but like Thursday, when I went over to D’s for my class and they insisted on us staying back, we indulged and gave in….. 3 days of someone else being bothered about what to serve for breakfast, lunch and dinner and me lolling around!! I made use of the time to finish stocking upon supplies for my class. Got to know from the shop guy that Ms. Czarina of chocolate making is as insecure as hell and actually enquired into my shopping list to gauge how Culinary Escapades was doing!! Insecure little daughter of a you know who!! Picked up some fabulous books from the new branch of Odyssey that’s opened at Vikrampuri….. 3 Sexy books on baking and one author signed copy of Almost Single by Advaita Kala which despite the smirks from K I picked up…..shopped for a barbeque which ended up in the microwave – griller in D’s place and had a fabulous time till 3.00 A.M. the next morning, made a batch of chocolates exclusively for D while giving his wife R a special class. Finally got home in the evening. Yesterday went to Church, during which K to amuse himself stopped at a bookshop and picked up a leather bound collectors copy of the complete works of James Joyce. Stopped over at S and R’s for drinks, dinner and a huge dose of Gulzar’s Ijazzat. Fabulous week by far, I think I can adjust to something quiet this week to compensate the giddy spell.


Advaita said...


Thanks for picking up the book - Almost Single - would love to know what you think.

And by the way I dont think K is going to be hearing from James Joyce anytime soon...(wink wink)

Arundati Rao said...

Dear Advaita, fancy you coming to stop by!! guess you googled yourself here..... i liked the cover so i picked it up ( i can buy books for the vaguest reasons)......i loved the book but for the end....you've built it up so well....the characterizations, the quirks and the build up of the story....so the end was sort of insipid....too M&B like .....and abrupt...anyways, these are my observations....for a first book....kudos are in order....loved the madness of Aisha...like the 'use your fangs bit and the gucci mama' hilarious!!

good luck!!