Monday, January 1, 2018

Clean slate

What are you most looking forward to?

I'm starting a 30 day journaling project. I hope to write based on the prompts of the day. This is the only way I think I'll get back to putting words out. And seeing and reflecting upon them once done.

I've always loved that about looking back. Which is one of the reasons I began to keep a Diary at age 11. I still have some of those that I wrote in my late teens and early twenties.

This month we are taking a long awaited vacation. Me, k and sage. We will drive along one of the coasts of India and stop at a few places for a few days each. I'm looking forward the most to this. Our last vacation was in oct 2015. For a couple that travelled at least 3 times a year, they're becoming rarer and fewer and after a lot of should we should we not, a few false starts and a few plans being abandoned, we're finally less than a week away.

This is also the first long trip with our new car and I'm excited for the comfort it's going to give us.

For the year ahead I have no extra thoughts and definitely no resolutions. I have stated taking care of my skin. I won't say better, because I buggered it over the past year and didn't wait for the dawn of a new year to begin better care. I definitely want to go back to our eating schedule once vacation is over. Own fewer things, purge physical and mental stuff and do a deep clean of the house once a month.

Work wise I want to do more classes, introduce an after school program for kids and grow my Instagram for the studio. Contemplating some other stuff but it's just fluff for now.

2017 was one of the nicest years for me personally. I want to write about it soon, once I'm able to gather my thoughts.

I'm excited for 2018.

I'm ready.

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