Friday, April 24, 2009

summer bummers

bah!! its blistering out here and wearing this damned collar isn't the easiest. K has given up his morning (ok! mid morning is more close to it) coffee and has something cold... juice, lassi or a smoothie...maybe on the weekends i can bribe him with beer.... he's taken to wearing his sun glasses even inside the house till his eyes adjust to the heat and glare! my maid is very happy, there are hardly any dishes for her to wash, there are more glasses than any other kind of vessels for her, food is hardly getting made....we're eating leftovers straight from the fridge because we cant bear to eat hot off the stove food....i am searching for summer friendly recipes for salad and other easy to do and minimum cooking required stuff....conversations in our home are almost in monosyllables cos anything more than that can send both k and me into a tizzy with the effort it takes....

We bought mangoes. far from being luscious, they were forced ripened and disgustingly sour. all that precious sugar to salvage them. i am going to wait another couple of weeks to eat them.

on another note, in order to bring some relief to my house handling, rid myself of tedious trips to the supermarket every month and prevent murder every time the maid tells me we have run out of washing soap, i made a visit to a hyper mart and stocked up on non perishables especially washing and cleaning agents for 6 months. shopping of any kind makes my heart go thump thump... under the guise of "for the house" makes it even better! the biggest pain was to find storage space for all of this, but its done... it did lie on the kitchen floor for 2 days, but we (mostly K actually) finally put everything away. Let's hope this twice a year buying helps. though i have been strictly buying only the stuff i have on my list, the temptation to buy needlessly is always there, multiplied by the times i visit the super market. for the perishable staples, i should now just use home delivery!

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Stumbled by here and love your style of writing...take care