Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Its 2.44 am and I haven’t been able to go to sleep…..the after effects of a fabulous afternoon siesta…post my chocolate making class today….so here I am, sitting at the table with the laptop, cursing the speed of the internet, because everything that I am trying to browse is timing out because it is crawling…..for the nth time I think I should get broadband….and what a con job this Tata Indicom internet card is…..i also discovered that the lizard K and I famously chased out of the house, is back, or that this is some other lizzie….when I switched on the light in the dining room, he / she ducked behind the crockery cupboard…..yikes!! K has been unwell…for the nth time these last couple of months… all begins the same way, fever, cold…not to mention the restlessness and the lousy feeling that goes with it…both for him and me….the doctor said that there is an allergy in his body which is getting triggered because of the frequent changes in weather / rain and pollen…..i hope he gets better soon…its miserable to see him sick…..amma has been here for a week now…she’s trying her best to kick me out of the kitchen and I am resisting…I want her to rest, she says she’s bored….need to get her a magnifying glass so she can read the headlines and also a pair of bathroom slippers….other random things going thru my mind…wondering how would Saturday’s class will go…the people who’ve registered are too many for one batch so I am planning two…..i need to call and remind them, post any cancellations decide on scheduling the session and the weekend after that…..we’ve been wanting to take amma for Chak de! But with the bridge collapse and virtually every weekend there being a bomb scare, I wonder when that will happen……after the flyover collapse on Sunday which killed many people in Hyderabad, I was wondering where this is leading to…..its scary to say the least….corruption has no value for human life….actually the life of an average man in our country has next to nothing in value….i believe the cops didn’t arrive quickly enough (and there’s a police station less than 200 metres away), when they did, they were’nt of much help, crowds and traffic severely hampered any meek attempts at rescue…and many people perished under the rubble…….to think that every time we pass by the under construction flyover, I used to wonder how many crores were pocketed ……now I’ll add lives to it…..

i was looking at my diary (real not virtual one) and pondering over the hazaar lists i have made....from getting someone to drill holes on the walls to getting the paperwork to process my passport!! it sets me off on a train of thought that has me berating myself for being lazy and disorganised and totally ineffective......before this launches full scale, i shut the diary!!
on a happier note, i've found a maid...after a week of terror (imagining life without one!!), maid interviews and trials......(one lady even stood against the wall repeating "ducting" in a sing song manner, like it would disappear from the job profile if she said it long enough....) actually not so happy cos after just 2 days of work, she's taken "leave for 2 days" it should be seen whether she'll return......
its 3.22 am the battery's running dangerously low and i have to shut this off before it dies on me....i hope i will be able to put myself to sleep....amen

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